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3 min readJun 21, 2021


We are excited to announce that we are launching an NFT game to accompany our AdaCards NFTs! Like fantasy sports, Fantasy Staking will enable AdaCards collectors to draft virtual “teams” of stake pools and compete with other collectors based on their team’s performance.

Our primary objective of the AdaCards project is to provide a fun way to educate ADA-holders about staking and to spotlight community-operated Cardano stake pools. In keeping with that mission, Fantasy Staking will showcase the staking process, how stake pool performance is determined, and illustrate the benefits of splitting your stake across multiple stake pools via multi-delegation (a feature that will be available soon on Cardano and the reason we created

Draft Your Team

At the start of each “season” of Fantasy Staking, each player will draft a team of five common-rarity AdaCards from their collection. Each team’s performance will be based on how the stake pools on their team perform during each epoch of the season.

Add Score Modifiers

After selecting their team, players can add score modifiers to boost the points earned by each stake pool on their team. This is done by selecting up to one card of each rarity for each team member.

Below are the initial modifier percentages for each card rarity (note that these are subject to adjustment in the future):

  • Common: +5%
  • Rare: +10%
  • Epic: +15%
  • Legendary: +20%

Earn Points

As the season progresses, players will earn points based on the performance of the pools on their team. During each epoch of the season, each stake pool’s performance will be calculated based on the number of blocks the pool minted divided by the number of blocks they were expected to mint. We have a detailed article explaining how expected blocks are calculated here.

Small stake pools have much more variability in their point potential — they can earn much higher or lower points per epoch than large pools, which will provide more consistent performance. Players will need to strategize to come up with the right combination of pools for their team!

Win NFT Trophies!

At the end of each season, the player with the most points will win a unique Fantasy Staking NFT trophy! Winners will also be featured on the AdaCards leaderboard.

The game will launch shortly after our Series 2 card release, so get your collection ready to draft your team!



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