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3 min readJul 25, 2021


How do I know my AdaCard is genuine?

When inspecting an AdaCard token in your wallet or on sites like Cardanoscan, verify the Policy ID matches one of the following values:

Series 1: 923c31f3790f6a6c858971d6b1241390ed0e0dab5965652782ab12dc

Series 2: 92218acfedc4726cf66f88e1e174debf1d085fad115e790c2392e67c

If the policy ID does not match this identifier, the token is counterfeit. All minted AdaCard tokens, along with their transaction history, can be seen on Cardanoscan.

How do I view my AdaCards?

Each AdaCard that you own will be visible in your wallet. The image below shows tokens in a Daedalus wallet:

If you mouse over a token name, you’ll see the token’s Policy ID and Asset Name. In the example above, the Asset Name is “AdaCard13812”. You can view this card by entering the number 13812 on our Search page.

Are AdaCards unique?

Yes! Each AdaCard is a one-of-a-kind momento of a block minted on the Cardano blockchain. We plan to mint a card for every block created by the stake pools included in the AdaCards project.

How many AdaCards are being released?

Our Series 1 release includes 33 stake pools. We are minting a card for each block these pools have created, capped to 500 cards maximum, which comes out to a total of 10,393 cards. We will be selling 2,000 packs of 5 cards each, for a total of 10,000. We are giving out a portion of these cards to the stake pool operators whose pools are featured in our card release, and the remaining cards will be used for giveaways and some distributed amongst the AdaCards team. We plan to include more stake pools in future releases, which will increase the variety of cards available.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. NFT tokens serve as certificates of ownership of a particular physical or digital asset. The holder of an AdaCard token is designated as the owner of the digital artwork that is permanently stored at the IPFS URL included in the token metadata. The owner of this token is entitled to give, sell, or trade ownership of this asset as they see fit by transferring the token to another person.

AdaCards and other digital collectables are designed solely for entertainment purposes and have no inherent monetary value. They should not be treated as an investment vehicle, like a stock. It is important that purchasers of these tokens have no expectation that the value of the assets they own to appreciate in value over time.

Where can I learn more about staking my ADA?

Staking your ADA holdings rewards you with ~5% return on your staked balance per year. Staking on Cardano does not lock up your funds; you are free to spend your staked ADA anytime you’d like. Staking your ADA is secure and you can never lose funds while staking. We have many articles on our VIPER stake pool website dedicated to educating those new to Cardano. Our Staking Basics FAQ is a great place to start! If you have questions about Cardano or staking, feel free to chat with us on Telegram.



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