AdaCards Series 2 SPO Signups

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4 min readJun 21, 2021


Signups are live for AdaCards Series 2! Below we describe what AdaCards are and how your pool benefits from participating:

What are AdaCards?

AdaCards are an NFT project designed by the team behind, a site designed to promote multi-delegation stake pool portfolios (pending the release of multi-delegation on the Cardano blockchain). We created AdaCards as a fun way to educate ADA-holders about staking on Cardano and to spotlight community-operated stake pools.

Example AdaCard from Series 1

Each AdaCard features a block minted on the Cardano blockchain and the stake pool that minted it. There are four card rarities, based on the following criteria:

  • Common: Blocks that don’t fall into a higher rarity (~79% of cards)
  • Rare: Every 5th block minted by the stake pool (~19% of cards)
  • Epic: Every 50th block minted by the stake pool (~2% of cards)
  • Legendary: 1st block a pool minted in the 1st epoch of a hard fork (~0.4% of cards)

We only create cards for the pools that have signed up to participate in the project, and we will not create cards for large corporations or organizations that do not actively participate in the Cardano community (such as exchanges). In order to prevent large pools from having an overwhelming proportion of the total AdaCards supply, we will only mint a maximum of 500 cards per stake pool for the entire Shelley Era. For pools that have made more than 500 total blocks, we will randomly choose a subset of their Shelley Era blocks for which to create cards.

AdaCards are sold in randomized card packs through our card shop. Each series of cards contains the blocks minted by the pools that have elected to participate in our project, up through a designated epoch. We do not include stake pools that have not explicitly given us permission to include their pool and use their logo. 33 stake pools were included in the Series 1 release.

The AdaCards Fantasy Staking NFT game will launch shortly after the release of Series 2, which will let AdaCards collectors draft teams of stake pools and compete for unique NFT trophies, based on the performance of the pools on their team during a designated set of epochs. Adding a game that utilizes AdaCards will increase the visibility of the pools participating in the project. See this post for more information!

What Benefits Will My Pool Receive For Signing Up?

Being featured on AdaCards is a great way to market your stake pool to potential delegators and highlight your pool’s mission statement and community contributions. AdaCards are seen by users of our website, traded on our Discord server, and featured in promotions on our Twitter account (we average over 150,000 impressions on Twitter per month).

On the signup page, you can select from several support tiers, as shown below:

Bronze Tier (Free)

Our free Bronze Tier will get your stake pool’s blocks included in the AdaCards release (up to 500 cards maximum). Additionally, you can request one modification to your card design after providing us your pool logo and information to include on the card.

Silver Tier (125 ADA)

In addition to the benefits of the Bronze Tier, Silver-level supporters will receive 1% of the cards we mint for their pool, which can be used by the SPO for their own marketing purposes. The rarities of the cards provided to the SPO will be 80% commons and 20% rares. Additionally, at least one card will be given away by the AdaCards team on Twitter (see this post for an example giveaway). Up to 3 modifications to the card design can be requested.

Example AdaCards giveaway promotion

Gold Tier (250 ADA)

Gold Tier supporters receive all the benefits of the Silver level, with an increased percentage of cards provided to the SPO: 5% of the cards minted for the stake pool will be given to the SPO.

Platinum Tier (500 ADA)
The Platinum Tier is intended for stake pools that would like help creating a custom logo for their pool. In addition to receiving all of the benefits of the Gold level, we will work with you to create a stake pool logo to feature on your cards.

If your stake pool is active in the community, you should consider participating in this project. By joining AdaCards, you will be signing up for free/low cost advertising that will help put your stake pool in front of thousands of people within the broader Cardano community. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us via email or Twitter. Signups will only be available for a limited time, so sign up your pool here when you’re ready!



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