AdaCards Weekly Update (26 July 2021)

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3 min readJul 26, 2021


If you missed our AdaCards Series 2 announcement, be sure to check it out here for the full details of what we have planned! Here’s what we’ve been working on this past week:

Fantasy Staking NFT Game Beta Test

The first game of our Fantasy Staking beta test ended on July 24th, and the second game is underway!

User arcter picked a winning combination of pools featuring his own pool, 8BALL, which minted 2x the expected number of blocks — congratulations!

We are using this beta test to look for bugs in our code and to evaluate the scoring algorithms prior to officially launching the game. Stay tuned for an announcement soon!

Faster Collection Page Loading

When you view an AdaCards collection on our website, you’ll likely notice that the page loads much, much faster. We’re now caching thumbnails for all of the cards, rather than loading them directly from their permanent storage location on IPFS. Clicking on the thumbnails will still take you directly to the card’s IPFS location.

New Home & Blog Posts Pages

We changed up our homepage at to make it easier to navigate to our Play area, where you can use your AdaCards collection to play our Fantasy Staking NFT game, earn achievements, see where you rank on the leaderboard, and view the cards in your collection.

We also added a new Blog Posts page to catalog our Medium posts:

Series 2 Stake Pool Announcements

We’ve begun revealing cards for the new pools that have signed up for our Series 2 release. Keep an eye on Twitter for card giveaways!

SPO Signups for Series 2

Stake pool signups for Series 2 are still live! We just published an article that explains the benefits provided to SPOs who participate in the project — be sure to check it out here. SPOs that would like to be included in our second AdaCards release can sign up here.

We’ll have more information to share about Series 2 in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe and follow us on Twitter for the latest information!

Be sure to join the AdaCards Discord server to chat with other collectors and trade your AdaCards!



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