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AdaCards Weekly Update (30 Aug 2021)

Series 2 launching this week!

We’re very excited about the Series 2 release on Saturday, September 4th! We have over 60 community-operated Cardano stake pools included in this release.

After listening to your feedback and doing some analysis on the distributions of claimed S1 cards, we’ve decided to reduce the card cap per pool to 400 cards across Series 1 and Series 2 combined. This will allow us to keep the rarity distribution for S1 and S2 pools consistent while reducing the total number of commons per pool that is in circulation.

The epoch cutoff for card creation is Epoch 286. We are randomly selecting blocks minted by stake pools between epochs 211 and 286 for the release, up to the 400 card limit per pool.

New rarity: Uncommon

We will also be adding a new “uncommon” rarity between common and rare — the first block a pool makes each epoch will be uncommon. Since 76 epochs are included in the release, there are a maximum of 76 uncommon cards per pool. However, the actual number will be less since some of these cards will end up being rare, epic, or legendary, and many pools had epochs where 0 blocks were produced.

Rarity Distribution

We will keep the same distribution of legendary, epic, and rare cards as we did for Series 1 (0–3 legendaries, 1% epic, 10% rare). This accounts for all cards created for a pool between both releases.

Since we’re adding a new rarity for Series 2, we are going to allow people to trade in S1 cards that would have been uncommon rarity for an S2 uncommon card from the same pool (not the same block, since we won’t be creating duplicates). After the Series 2 launch, we’ll release a list of all S1 cards that would have been uncommon. If you own any of these cards, you can contact us to trade them in for Series 2 uncommon replacements.

Pack Size Increase

We’re going to increase the pack size to 10 cards each and release 1,000 packs (all will be available at launch). We are planning to do tiered pricing for pack sales. The average price will keep the USD value of a pack at about the same price that it was for S1 (the ADA price has more than doubled since the first sale).

Series 2 minting will begin today. We’ll continue revealing new pools throughout the week as we approach the launch on Saturday, 9/4. Fantasy Staking Season 2 will begin shortly after the Series 2 launch — so get your decks ready!



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