Ester González
Jul 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Women in Tech

Today, being a woman and a programmer are two concepts that do not seem to complement each other. The world is more and more technological every day and women should have more presence in this area.

Like Amparo Alonso, President of the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence said “The world that comes is technological, if women are not part of it, the world will be designed by others”.

The gender gap is still a reality and begins with the toys we buy and ends with the stereotypes we have established. For example, in Spain the presence of women in the Information Technology (IT) workplace is 37%.

Today, the disparity of women who are dedicated to technology is reflected in the number of women who are trained in this field. For example, the number of students in the Faculty of Computing of the University of A Coruña is worrisome. Only 10% of its students are women, and something similar is happening at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where last year only 31.1% of its students were women.

Undoubtedly, this gender gap could cease to exist with an equal education because if everyone in the end studies technology, nobody thinks it’s for girls or boys.

(Why is it valuable to become a Front-End programmer?)

There are many reasons for choosing a career in tech. First of all, learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript is not very difficult and it pays off very well. The list of jobs are endless and the opportunities inside this market make this career very appealing to anyone interested in technology. As long as the Internet exists, there will always be opportunities to work here.

Either if you want to work from home or have a more flexible lifestyle, being a front end developer gives you the advantages you want.

During the last few years in Spain, the number of jobs in tech have increased tremendously. his is just the beginning for what is to come in the future. New companies and startups are in need of developers every day.

Adalab opportunity

To be part of Adalab is to be part of a great community that gives everything to make a space for us in the tech world. Above all Adalab give us value as women and professionals.

We are currently training as front end programmers and creating a new path in our lives, both professionally and personally. Because when you improve your professional environment, your personal life is changed for the better!


Sobre Adalab, adalabers, voluntarios y empresas colaboradoras

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Sobre Adalab, adalabers, voluntarios y empresas colaboradoras

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