The Web Design Art

Awwwards is a website with web galeries designed with CSS (Cascade Style Sheets). It shows the essence of the web design art: these websites can be regarded as real masterpieces! For example:

( → Site of the day December 4th)

or like this:

( → Site of the day December december 2th)

However, Awwwards is not only a conventional website where you can only see and get inspirations about new ideas where the best works are rewarded!

If you are a web design artist who wished to compete with other designers, firstly, you will have to register on the site and then submit your masterpiece.

When you submit a website to Awwwards, it will first be approved by an internal team who will check that it meets the minimum requirements. Once your site has been approved by Awwwards, it is sent to the Jury and can be voted for by all the Awwwards users. This process lasts about 5 days.

The jury is made up of some great web design specialists, such as designers, creative directors, bloggers and agencies in the industry. They dedicate themselves to the challenging task of assessing the talent and effort invested on the web project submitted. The jury criteria are based on four categories:

  1. Design;
  2. Creativity/originality;
  3. Content;
  4. Usability.

If your site is regarded extraordinary, creative and innovative, it will appear as “Site of the Day” and will be included in their annual book “The 365 Best Websites Around the World”. It will bring you prestige, recognition and visibility, all the essence of what an original and creative website should be. Moreover, you can compete with other developers to win the title of “Site of the Month” and/or “Site of the Year”. Finally, your creation may receive special mentions or may be nominated to be voted for by the site visitors.

Conclusion: If you are a web designer or maybe just curious , please click this link: You will realize that with CSS, you can make magic!

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