You were made to thrive and hope isn’t a strategy that works.

As a leader, you want your team to succeed and feel good about their work. Every team faces challenges though. Miscommunication, disengaged team members, unclear priorities, inefficient decision making, personal conflict. In order to create a thriving team, you need to see clearly, create a plan, and lead the way.

As a living, breathing human being, you want to experience trusted relationships, meaningful work, physical health, and to intentionally live out your purpose. Every person faces challenges though. Old habits die hard, unexpected bills start pilling up, your body is less responsive than it once once, and maybe your relationships aren’t where you hoped they would be at this stage of life. In order to lead a thriving life, you need to see clearly, be intentional, and invite others into the journey.

John Maxwell puts it this way:

Most people don’t lead their life. They accept their life. When you accept your life, it’s not intentional.

With four months left in 2016, you can finish the year strong by taking stock of where you are, set a few goals, and start creating momentum today. You don’t have to just accept the story you see playing out before you right now.

As a leader, when is the last time you reviewed progress on your team or organizational goals this year?

Take an hour to evaluate where you are today, with an honest and objective snapshot of the progress made and the growth still needed. If someone new took your place today, what would they say is the single most important thing for your team to focus on between now and December 31? Clarify the goal, align the team and your resources, and start moving today.

As an individual, when is the last time you set a goal and saw it through?

If you set a goal and write it down you have an 80% greater chance of accomplishing your goal. You don’t have to change everything at once and you don’t have to tell everyone what you’re aiming for (though relationships do have a strong influence on success rates). Look at the next four months and ask yourself this: what would my 2017 self thank me for doing in the next 90–120 days? Get specific on what you want to accomplish or change, create a simple strategy, write it down, and take the first step today.

You were meant to thrive and hope isn’t a strategy that works. Starting today, you can live intentionally and lead your life.

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