Diabetic Cyborg Life 01/25: Alternate Reality

Us on the Bay of Bengal last Octocber. (Pro Photo)

In a world where I never had Lyme disease for 21 years causing diabetes type 2 then one, multiple sclerosis, or chronic kidney disease. Do I reach out online and find my wife on Facebook? The whole mental health crisis that my diseases caused was the reason I was my unfiltered real self-online.

They want to connect with the maximum number of people and show them that they too can be…

Adam, The Diabetic Cyborg
Adam, The Diabetic Cyborg Daily

Muslim, Chronic Lyme Survivor, Optimist, History/Poli. Sci. Prof. w/ no class. 🦠 maxed out on Boosters 💉 💍 on 10/6, 1/17