Diabetic Cyborg Life 05/17: Only the Earnest

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Honestly, I can remember journaling and writing about plans, life, love, and everything during nights when I couldn’t sleep in my early 20s. No, I don’t know where those notebooks are, yet I am better off not being able to find them. Sometimes thoughts are better. We are better off for leaving old broken irrational thoughts written at 4 am in the random lost notebooks they are in.




Daily about one optimist making it in the world as best I can

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, History/Poli. Sci. Prof. with no class. COVID Boosted 💉8/25 & 2/2 💍 on 10/6 & 1/17 https://adamdiabeticcyborg.substack.com/p/coming-soon?r=1

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