Diabetic Cyborg Life 2/19: Oil & gas Bubble Popped!

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
Feb 19 · 2 min read

As the reality of post COVID and GOP hold on the Senate settle-in, a new approach to climate change and legislation are in the works. GM and the government shifted to electric cars, and the all-time lows in the cost of oil are to blame. Exxon-Mobile is losing money, like it once made it, and their hold on politics is over as they can’t pay off Republican legislators as they did.

I say go Google it if you want to fact check these words, or you can go watch the first segment of The Rachel Maddow show from Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. This new approach to non-paid off by oil and gas will show that indeed that the greener way of life that “climate change” advocates wanted for years is possible.

Cut out millions of oily dollars from Exxon-Mobile seems to change the realities of governing without rely on oil and gas for all needs. So, not only does Joe Biden and Democrats bring new ideas, but an unseen effect of COVID causes oil and gas stocks to lose their value makes for new hope on stopping climate change.

I just hope that new hope is not way too late to stop the worst of the climate crisis.

Adam, the Diabetic Cyborg Daily

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