Diabetic Cyborg Life 2/23: Less Votes, the Better!!!

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
Feb 23 · 1 min read
Sara Fitzgerald and Michael Martin, both with the group One Virginia, protest gerrymandering in front of the Supreme Court in March 2018. Jacquelyn Martin/AP Caption Photo Source

Time and time again, facts, stats and voting data show that Republicans thrive when voting is limited by limited access to voting. The GOP Thrives when there are less votes, access to the ballot box and actual democracy. This is aided and abetted by non-democratic measures of Gerrymandering, less vote by mail, less voting information.

The opposite of everything that is truly just and right about this democracy in these United States of America is literally what Republicans want and deal. Living in blood red Texas for my whole life has made this very clear in my lifetime. Trump did not create the issues that plague this nation or the GOP.

Trump was a symptom of these issues of racism, sexism and the disregard for American standards of democracy. This loser mentality of limited voting and eliminating huge parts of the American electorate is what is killing the party. The adherence to the loser that is Trump, and this limiting of the ballot is what will end the Republican Party one day.

The GOP must change and be open to democracy and 100% of all voters or face oblivion as the Whigs, the Federalist and so many 3rd parties here have suffered.

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