Diabetic Cyborg Life 3/22: Life in Slow Motion

Photo by Michael Brodzik on Unsplash

Whether it’s the COVID-19 daily further restrictive measures, or the feeling that my secondary progressive multiple sclerosis is progressively worse every month, week or day. Now is a trying time as we all have so many fronts of public and personal health to worry about. Checking ourselves for fever twice a day and keeping all the symptoms in mind are daily things in our house at least.

As optimism is my subject I turn to here, escapism into those optimistic ways that keep me sane today. Currently, I am listening to, or reading, an audio book about a serial killer. I know what you are thinking, but how is that an optimistic way to escape? Well, it is about the characters, not me, being in harm’s way and prevailing. That is the ultimate way of escapism for times like today.

Good dominating evil and everyone that is moral living to see another day, or books as is the case here. We can ignore the news or hear and let it control and panic us. Or, we can take in the information and process it to make rational decisions about how we ought to continue to live.

Every day I chat with a woman I love across the world, and plan on us meeting and marrying one day. She can get fatalistic at times, and we can all fall into that trap at times.

Just breathe and take every day one hour or minute at a time if you must.

We can do this …



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