Diabetic Cyborg Life 4/01: We’re #1, we’re #1 yay!

Photo by Wes Carr on Unsplash

Americans are all suffering from a terminal case of American exceptionalism. Not to be optimistic about our chances, I just have to acknowledge the fact that we have surpassed everyone that faced and is facing this disease. This fact ought to give a reality check to the doubters of this biological terror.

There is talk about this making us more compassionate and empathetic as everyone faces the chance of getting sick. I just hope that we all can learn from this and embrace each other with more understanding than ever. We can either use it to further discriminate and polarize us. Or we can use it as wars and viral outbreaks hit and make us all one kind of people.

Stoic optimism being my forte, I hope for the latter result of making us all see we are all alike of course. The human biology that makes us all more prone to catch the illness means power and money matter not to this organic menace. Cash and influence might matter to humankind, yet that very mortality means you are threatened.

Realize that we are all in this together, follow the implied guidelines and flatten the damn curve for humanity’s sake!

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, Chronic Lyme Disease survivor, History/Poli. Sci. Prof. with no class. COVID Boosted on 8/25, 2/2, 7/15, 9/15 💍 10/6 & 1/17