Diabetic Cyborg Life 4/12: Interfaith Hope & Clarity, Part 17

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
Apr 12 · 1 min read

Life beats on beyond the deaths of parents in our lifetimes, as facing this does always sow some sense of our existence on the timeline of humans. That tiny pin sized spot that is us will not change much in the story of humankind. Yet, I still feel that mom’s ideas and compassion will live much past her time here.

She taught us much better ways of dealing with others and fairly showing empathy and compassion. Countless students she had have reached out to us on social media to express their thankfulness. Mom showed them more compassion than they ever saw before from a teacher, and she helped them in huge ways to achieve their dreams.

That is the sign to us that she accomplished all she ever wanted to achieve in teaching high school. Those students and us are her legacy as the stories of compassion and humanity are things that will no doubt live on forever. Those facts, those students and us are her legacy in teaching and family.

The body and a lifetime are limited, yet ideas, like compassion and humanity and those who show it, are constant.


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