Diabetic Cyborg Life 5/04: Justice Comes a Step at a Time

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
May 4 · 2 min read

13 days late, okay, but these words are my reaction to the guilty on all count verdict of Eric Chauvin’s trial. He is a murderer yes; we can say this with all facts pointing to his crimes. As many say though, we’d rather be celebrating George Floyd’s life and his still being here and now.

The sociopathic nature of police like Chauvin needs to be crushed out of the system as it’s been for over a century. Our criminal justice system was spawned from the old slave catcher days of the antebellum, pre-Civil War, south. This system grew more predatory in its nature by default.

Returning “property” to slave owning Americans ought to have disappeared with emancipation. Yet, those tactics and trade only were absorbed by the lazy, proud, supremacist white’s that were still law enforcement. The Reconstruction Era of the United States seemed to miss that message of emancipation of all slaves in the Confederacy.

Though, many southern historians would point out that emancipation was only for slaves in the Confederate States of American and not all slaves in all of America. That’s picking at old scars in my view.

Still, this system of criminal justice is long overdue for a reformation of ethics born before 1865.

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

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