Diabetic Cyborg Life 5/22: TED Talk in Blog Form Pt.5

Doing a TED Talk about my life has been a thought of mine, so here it goes:

Topic: The Process Defines Me

The Future of my Processes

What will the future hold for the processes I talk of and myself? Well, I would be a prophet of some kind or simply lying to you if I said I knew what was coming. Since I don’t lie, I will simply say that I have hopes for the thing to come.

Be that future be one of further positive development, blogging, writing books, marriage and fatherhood all remains to be seen. The hope and intentions are set, and faith is guiding my path through the fog of reality, yet the coming time will happen no matter what. Hopes are also that we can withstand the cruel times will come within the coming time as always.

Seeing what happens and does not is all part of living life after all, as living life is a gift in itself. The grace of Allah, God, Buddha or what have you is why we are here breathing and living.

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

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