Diabetic Cyborg Life 5/5: Feeling Lost in the Void


These days it is all too easy to feel lost in the abyss that life has become now. The seemingly repetitive “Groundhog Day” like state of life that I spoke of before for this time is all we have to live. Thus, I beg for us all to be mindful and experience these days of dull tasks as they could always be your last.

No, I am not being a fatalist with this warning, as we all could already have COVID but be asymptomatic and just not know it. The testing we are promised by the government continues to elude us, so living every day as our last is all we have the power to do now. Let this call to live not be a siren to be reckless, but to just breath in and soak up life as you live it.

We, who have incurable illnesses need this warning more than most people. As a USA Today story shows, I and all people with one or more chronic conditions are almost sure to catch this illness. Feeling lost is normal in these times of odd historical times and strange conditions.

Just breath deep and focus on the realist thing you can touch around you. Whatever that might be just look at it, feel it, smell it, lift it if you can, and know you are still here and still thriving!

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