Diabetic Cyborg Life 6/01: Second Wave Already Starting

It seems a second wave of COVID19 is already going strong in the GOP controlled areas of the US. Their anti-scientific ways are jumpstarting the infections as businesses and states reopen well before science says they should. Go ahead and sacrifice yourselves in the death cult the conservatives have going strong in the traditional red states controlled almost exclusively by the Republicans.

Sacrifice of grandparents, parents and ourselves is said to be the cost of our economy. Then, I ask why is one of the highest tax revenue states, New York, doing as science states and opening slowly? Governor Andrew Cuomo is opening the state piecemeal as they hit certain numbers of infections and deaths.

New York state looks to be leading the US in how reopen, but GOP lawmakers are ignoring the model of how to reopen a state. The election in November cannot come soon enough as thousands die. Yet, the longer that takes, the fewer old folks that always vote for an incumbent president or for the GOP will be here to vote. (Pardon the French)

2020 is going to be one year that we can look back at with our families, and say then 2020 came, and sh*t got really fracking weird!

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

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