Diabetic Cyborg Life 6/06: Americans Are Soaked in Gasoline

The nightly photography of protests in so many large cities in America now shows the roiling boil that we are all feeling a tension nationally. Anxiety from COVID, Trump, Racism and domestic terror is uniting this often-divided nation in fits of violence and protest. They go from Minneapolis, to LA, Atlanta and points between as moments of union in frustration can turn violent in fires at times.

Some seem to be intentionally set by police to escalate the violence. Efforts were made to say that was just a rumor, but you be the judge in the photos in those links. The breakdown in trust between the police and the community is enough to be sad about really.

Pointing fingers is the way the current executive redirects blame, so that is something I avoid doing. I fully endorse being fully transparent is the only reason I share those links now. The truth and what the consequences are can be very divided in the end as law enforcement and justice are often not joined in any way.

My hope is that the national election in November can renew most Americans’ faith in American democracy. Mob rule is the way the ancient Greeks and Romans saw democracy, I just hope the parable is not exercised in reality this year.

“Winston Churchill famously said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others…” Barack Obama

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