Diabetic Cyborg Life 6/07: Blursdays’ End?

Common on some social medias reference to every day since the COVID lockdowns started as Blursday since every day seems to blur into one day. Though, now are those days over as the shutdown states are slowly reopening. The questions are, how long are those states going to be open as they after the spread of COVID forces them to close when hospital beds fill up?

Are briefly reopening states worth the spike in deaths? Furthermore, is it actually even worth reopening when it results in exponentially more deaths? These are questions that future historians, political scientists and scientists will ponder after the deaths are tallied and COVID is better controlled.

I cannot count the days I wished I was 50 years into the future, so I could look back at a history book. Then, I could see how things went during the 2020 election and the civil unrest around it. This election with so many protests makes me want that more than ever as I see marches everyday now.

Wanting to skip all that and read it only cheats the ability to live that time though. I guess my being a historian warps my wants in wanting to look back at a study of recorded history and not live it. Silencing my mind and living needs to be my focus now, as life will fly by, and then I will be able to look back on history.

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

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