Diabetic Cyborg Life 6/18: Let the Record Skip

I steal this line from a rap song of years ago, I reset my purpose in blogging. I mention it here and there but have never really fully restated it lately. This blog exists for my therapy and to keep a hand full of regular readers informed of my health happenings.

I appreciate and love everyone that reads and follows my health happenings since I began this journey over 3 years ago. The updates with the chats and averages of blood glucose are no longer available, as I have not had the sensors for my insulin pump for months. Averages from the meter are available, yet nothing is really noteworthy about those.

Average blood glucose is in the 140s or 150s and that is about in-line with what my doctors want. They don’t wish for more visits from the EMS to administer glucagon to save my life and boost my blood glucose from an accidental overdose of insulin. A reset of things here is due in my mind since the anniversary of my multiple sclerosis, or MS, was on the 16th of June.

The 3 years since were ones of learning and progressing to a “new normal” in life. I guess that is why that state with COVID was so easy for my case. As, I’ve been there for almost 3 years at that point when I was hit.

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, Chronic Lyme Disease survivor, History/Poli. Sci. Prof. with no class. COVID Boosted on 8/25, 2/2, 7/15, 9/15 💍 10/6 & 1/17