Diabetic Cyborg Life 6/30: Pity Party

— Backing track for this blog

It only took over 3 years and a 26-day stint on TikTok to have a hater say something about stopping the pity party regarding my MS, or multiple sclerosis, posts. Needless to say, I deleted the comment and blocked the hater as I do out of personal policy and habit. Those 3 years encompass 365+ Facebook lives, hundreds of YouTube videos and Medium and other stand-alone blog entries.

Overall, not a bad percentage of posts to haters from the wilds of the internet. Considering the supposed popularity of Agent Orange, I am surprised that crowd is not riled up and angry at me. Just the general low I.Q. of the users of the internet means everyone will get haters if they post enough content on the web.

The reality that “pity party” is started by, is an outcome I worked for most of the decade of 2008 to 2016 for. Far be it for me to expect a reward after 8 years of hard work and studying. That was never the outcome for my family of people before, so why would I expect anything different.

I am lucky the department of education excused my student debt and the judge found me disabled for life and my MS. As Chevelle says in “Well Enough Alone:” …

This pity wagon,

Penetrates my skin,

So sensitive, it makes me sick…

live video



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