Diabetic Cyborg Life 7/19: Racism a Human Idea: Jane Elliott Pt.1

Jane Elliott Explains Taking Abortion Rights Away Birth Dearth Source

As this interview with Jane Elliott says racism is in our heads and not a concept of anything beyond that. The human race is the only race spawned of mankind’s making after the first humans in eastern Africans were dark-skinned women. Then, migration from there to the north, south, east and west makes for all the different colors of modern races.

The lighter the skin and eyes, the further away from the equator those first humans got in migration from Africa. Those in Asia’s skin color was impacted by diet, as they got yellower skin tones. Those of the northern Europe were lighter in skin and eyes and not so impacted by foods they ate. Though I, as a multiple sclerosis patient, can say other factors adversely affected the health of those migrants over generations of time. Americans still celebrate Columbus Day in the “discovery” of a land where people already lived. That negates discovering anything other than another land to annihilate the native population and claim a new content with racist laws.

Elliott shows how education in America is learning how to be racist in so many ways. Here “white is right, yellow we let mellow and brown and back are just wrong.”

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