Diabetic Cyborg Life 9/03: The Root of the Issue Here

Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash

The simple conversation I had with the love of my life can capture the full issue with racism in America. The racists instantly attack people who wear a head covering or not being fluent in the English language. They never consider they are human beings with worth and substance.

That is the issue of the moment and that looms and might end the 244-year experiment of democracy known as the United States of America. Making them the “other” and the problem to scapegoat feels oh so good to see “them” as your sole issue. Yet, those thoughts only grow like a cancerous cell that approaches killing this nation like cancer does a person.

Overall, America is a great place to live, work and have a family as people know and have done for 244 years. That cancer, though, and the bigotry and hatred towards all things that some can blame for all the masses ills, continues to entice some people to blame and hate “them.” The majority in America will soon not be white no matter the rules and laws you try to make to limit the loss of white people.

The racial reckoning is coming soon to a ballot near you, and I just pray more people choose the be pro-humanity than the white supremacist.

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