Diabetic Cyborg Life 9/16: Without Hope Life is Meaningless

Said reprint of the iconic tee from the great years of Obama. (Photo by me)

These are song lyrics, yet a Google search shows no usable answer for where they came from. I remember a Nike commercial from the late 90’s when I was in high school that was around that song, but again cannot find that, too. I went to eBay and bought a reprint of the iconic “Hope” Obama graphic on a shirt after seeing the recent speech by Barack Obama.

His words on the utter failure of Trump during the DNC last week almost demanded I do that. I did that as just a reminder of what was under the best president of this modern era. Just to feel a tenth of that happiness is so needed now as we watch the death throes of the Trump era.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be great executives to head the top down rebuild of the once prodigious nation-state called United States of America. FDR had the New Deal, and we can have the Great Restoration as we remake and reform the systems of government and policing. They were not perfect to start and will never be, but they can be a world better than they are under Agent Orange.

Hope, faith and love are all I operate on now, and I pray they can be a fraction of what is in the policies the new administration brings us to restore America.

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