Diabetic Cyborg Life: Accepting Life & Better without a CGM?

The puppies that keep me sane. Lola and Maggie and our rescue dogs that I say continually rescue me. (Photo by my Brother Jamie)

Again on FB Caitlin Dragon 🐲 recorded two profound live stories on acceptance and vulnerability and infinite possibility of good. The realization that we so need to admit certain things that we can never change blew my mind. Things like accepting who we are and comfort in our body image or height and our genes are things that we can make slight improvements but cannot totally remake.

Accepting who and our actions we are and ourselves are the only way we can develop as people and move on in life. We cannot learn if we just deny or ignore the outcomes we are making. Progress and development as people only come when we own actions and ourselves.

Her addition of the vast chance of good was also an awesome revelation to me. The continuing optimism that drives me shows I have an idea of how we can make things better with kindness. This idea that good things and people are limitless honestly shocked me.

Since we always we always cling to the things we love and never try things we see as a finite ending supply. We don’t move on and accept that things change and maybe something or someone better is coming to us. Reliving our past is temping to those that make life about their habits.

The past is comfortable and easy to live in and the now and future is scary and challenging. That leads us to want to wrap ourselves in the ease recreating our past and doing all we can to stop the ticking clock that is life. The ill-fated reality that hits us when we accept time cannot just stand still because our fears will hit us.

Finally, we have to either become a sad person that is always negative and destructive to others and ourselves, or we can keep going and doing our best. We try to be a bright spot in the world and the life of all the people we know and interact with in our lives.

Her sense that good things and people are so vast is a source of hope that keeps me going and acting kind to everyone all the time. This idea that the limitless nature of good makes more optimism possible, and why not embrace this notion that we can make the life of us and everyone better with happiness. We owe it to ourselves to try to be more jolly and eager to make others happy also as logical people.

Yes, we all have strife to overcome and endure. We can make the worst thing seem better when applying our best efforts to overwhelm the bad with good and persist to keep living. Our resolve to stay and combat our troubles itself can make us better people.

This resolve will enable us to withstand any bad that tries to stop us. These two concepts that Caitlin mentions in her daily videos on the FB stories are great things to me. She in this simple act of sharing a thought on two days gives me the hope to never be depressed again.

It is a given that bad health issues and events are coming in the future. This is unavoidable when I accept that as a fact. The resolve I got from Caitlin will show me the path back to living an optimistic life. Her tools that she gave with her ideas are unstoppable if I use them right.

We all can benefit from her simple philosophies and overcome anything if we reset ourselves in hope when the bad things are occurring. Warding off depression is a constant effort. This reality is one that I accepted after my major depressive disorder in remission diagnosis. That is how the remission was happening.

Daily reminders of all the good things and blessings I have are my reminders of why life is worth living in the end. Family including our two puppies, Lola and Maggie, my health care and winning disability verdict are things that I must keep present in my mind.

My Current provider Source

Recently, due to my health insurance change from private to Medicaid backed United Healthcare, I am forced to manage my diabetes with no continuous glucose monitor, or CGM. An attempt to get one from United was made, but nothing has come from it in weeks. Honestly, now I am less stressed about my blood glucose, or BG, sense I know I must use a test strip to know what it is.

The daily allowance I got when they were ordered from Medtronics with all my pump supplies was six. It was actually shocking to me that they included them with that order after reading that those strips were not covered by any form of Medicaid. I assume they are covered when I get supplies from my pump since the tester that my 670G has paired to it uses them.

Currently I only check it around the six times I actually budgeted for sense there is no CGM and no constant need to calibrate my pump’s sensor. My BGs have not been horrible with no CGM as I assumed they would be. This actually makes me not really want a CGM anymore.

Frankly, I am happier with no CGM, as long as my A1c and BGs are decently good in the next few months. My appointment with my endocrinologist and my primary care physician, or PCP, will be the thing that shows if that is a good thing or not. Odd how that all works out in the end huh?

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

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