Diabetic Cyborg Life: Honesty and the Power of Caring

Photo by Rose Bolomey
Farida Haque

“Hi Adam, thank you again and again. You are a gift.

What you share makes a difference in our lives. Minuscule or mighty big.”

“Wow, thank you so much for telling me this. I doubt if anyone cares sometimes, but you and others on here let me know that I make a difference. Thank you for responding and reading! I am truly talking to a wall when no feedback comes. Honestly, I would probably still talk to me favorite part of the wall if no one ever responded, but the fact that people are listening and it helps them is THE reason I post these blogs and vlogs.”

“I’m sure people do read and care even if there’s no feedback. Sometimes we simply don’t know what brightens our day, or humbles us, or fills us with gratitude. It isn’t till we hit the sofa on a chilly evening that epiphanies present themselves. So yes, what you share does resonate.”

Anna Rozwadowska

“Talking Myself Out It”

I am shut away in the bathroom while they want to celebrate,

I just want to function like a human being with a measure of regularity,

I hate planned events … I always have disaster pants or something at the worst time,

A full-blown panic attack sets in with suicidal intentions,

“All you have to do is end it,” I think,

But I know that I am just freaking out since I feel that I am hold their fun,

“They would be so much better off without me around,” I think,

But I know I am blowing a simple thing in a literally life and death situation,

This is a horribly simple/dumb thing to push me to that,

Focusing on the possibilities of tomorrow help talk my off the preverbal ledge,

I laugh off the who thing and marvel at my quick movement to such a mental debate,

I just cleanup, change and take part in the happy times,

I just know that I talked myself out of a regrettable mental debate,

And hope that better times are coming and optimism will get me there.

Just a word about this poem: This was all internal, I only share to grow and learn. I feel I only grow from things if I have to answer for them. I also like to show that I don’t hide or not tell all that happens with me.



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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

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