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No longer my CGM! Source

Byram Healthcare emailed me informing that my recent order of supplies for the Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, informed me that they canceled my order. The claim they submitted was declined so and refuse to fill my order. So, I asked my primary care physician, or PCP, to do a prior authorization to see if that can get me the censors I need.

Forms are being submitted and the wheels are in motion to get them prior authorization for the CGM is in the works. Whether or not I get the censors needed in the future will have to wait until the filing official orders are in and I see if insurance approves and Byram fills it. Honestly, I doubt those will ever come and they will get denied as the last order was.

Life without a CGM is actually better to me in many ways as I said before. Not worrying about calibrating censors and replacing them every week did get annoying sometimes. I guess that catastrophic low blood glucose or BG events are a possible sometimes.

Lately I can actually feel my BG when I get around one-hundred, so that will help prevent low BGs for sure.

Photo by noor Younis on Unsplash

Fatigue continues to be an issue, as I can barely stay awake for ten to twelve hours, and with no medication to help. I have no clue what complications of multiple sclerosis, or MS, might come next. Knowing what mind of progressive MS I have for sure from a specialist does not change my disease.

But knowing for sure will go a long way in giving me a better sense of what to expect in the future. The psychological influence of knowing the type of MS also will go a long way in giving me a stronger sense of self. That might sound odd to some, but know a diagnosis goes a long way in patient’s sense of reality. At least knowing the kind and name of illnesses I have does a lot for me anyway.


The modafinil was recently filled for an affordable sum of thirty-six dollars and thirty cents. It seems send a script for the name brand and then subbing the generic worked this time! We will have to see if that is true when they need refilling.

Baring the last stimulant reaction of complete psychological disconnect with the world. The adderall took hours to affect me, and knowing that at least ought to mean I can gage my reaction to the modafinil on similar timetable. All feels normal so far on the first days of taking it.

Happily I did not have a total mental divide like before with the amphetamine-based medication. The modafinil is a plant and mushroom-based drug and it seems that does not cause the same side effects so far. My neurologist said unless I am okay taking it daily, unless I suffer from a racing pulse or high blood pressure or some other side effect.

She a recommended day off now and then is to not get to much built up in my system. The “Limitlesstelevision series and movie was loosely based on the pills I am taking now for energy. Those mind amplifying fictional Hollywood tales are nothing like I’ve felt so far. Headaches are reported to be a common side effect, but thank fully I’ve had none.

The first does did give my head a certain feel, but was not a headache at all. My second does the next day did not make me feel anything at all. A reaction to this medication like that of the adderall would likely land me back in the emergency room. Mercifully no trips to the ER or hospital for effects are happening from taking these pills.

A general feeling of more energy is definitely present during my days now taking modafinil. Imagine that, all goes, as it ought to go if I am given the meds life I was prescribed! For once I am not having an odd reaction or having to rush to the ER for fluid retention or some other side effect that was supposed to be rare.

I did manage to stay up to turn-in at seven o’clock for the first time in a while. Four in the afternoon was the normal bedtime for me before. Not quite eight or nine as my neurologist wanted, but better thank it was. Maybe this whole hoping for the best but expecting the worst thing is a smart way to live after all.

Similar things appear in my eyelids at night now. Photo by Raul Popadineți on Unsplash

Nights are becoming even more restless as I am now having what we MS patients know as “phosphenes.” As the title of that pieces states the occurrences are like, “personal Aurora Borealis.” The story tells that our the blood vessels in my eyes make me have vision of “swirls and flashes of greenish light projecting across my eyelids.”

Most nights I can eventually get them to stop by holding my head in a certain position and lying in a way the lights seem to stop. My body’s position can vary and usually I just fall asleep in the fetal position on one of my sides. My neurologist ought to be able to advise about this situation.

The hope is I figure out what exactly is occurring and what I can do the control it. That piece says that it is common and nothing I can really do about it, and “chances are good it’s just a pretty light show and nothing worse.” I just hope that I can still get a good night of sleep and that it actually is nothing.

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