Diabetic Cyborg Life: You Are Now My Therapist 😁, Body Image Issues and Profound Honesty

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash
Kitty Hannah Eden

“The only way I was able to start writing again after depression stole my voice for five years was by embracing radical honesty”

This open to her post sets up her point that her honesty helps her cope with mental illness and why that is.

“…Radical honesty has brought down the walls of isolation illness had built around me. It’s a habit now, one that has the power to surprise, scare off, or unsettle people but at least you know where you stand: What you see and read is what you get.

Freeing yourself from the shackles of shame begins with reclaiming your own story, and sharing it in your own words…”

These words by Kitty show how I feel about my own honesty helping me deal with my own mental health issues. This is my own version of therapy now as I said before. Letting everyone see my faults frees me from feeling that they are such bad burdens to have. The faults are why we are human as Kitty closes with.

“The very parts stigma would have you conceal are the ones you most need to reveal, for they are what makes us wholly human.”



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