Diabetic Cyborg Life 5/09: Some Old Wombs Never Heal

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
May 9 · 1 min read

The mental and physical health issues of multiple sclerosis, or MS, diabetes, and a mother’s death all still have a toll or have not yet to heal. Yes, Mom just passed away, so that healing process has barely begun. The other issues, my illnesses, have daily costs to both mental and physical health are still mostly unabated.

The diabetes is mostly controlled with the pump yes, but still daily I must figure and feel if I used too much or too little insulin. Testing is a constant, even with a CGM, continuous glucose monitor. I honestly found the sensors for every CGM I ever had to be so far off the finger sticking test, I stopped trying to use them.

My feel of my blood glucose, sugar, is just as accurate than 99% of CGM systems I ever used. Call me a luddite, but I just trust my body, for my disease, over most unproven sensors of affordable CGM systems. Yes, all might change soon with inheritance in the “affordability” department.

Yet, I sit here now feeling my blood glucose over using sensors I find to be more wrong than right.


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