1. I wish Fatema was here now!

2. I wish she was pregnant after arriving here.

3. I wish my chronic Lyme disease was all gone.

4. I wish all my symptoms, (MS, diabetes, neurogenic bladder, and chronic kindey disease) were all gone.

5. I wish our family had at least 5 more years with Mom before she passed.

6. I wish I was a college professor in a blue state out of the south.

7. I wish I could write as I want and conceive I can.

8. I wish I was on track to be POTUS.

9. I wish American democracy was not failing.

10. I wish I had the healing and regenerative powers of Wolverine.

Yes I had to include that 10 as choniclly ill patient.

Hope those were secret enough for you Lucy! 😁❤️😋😝