Elena Andreeva
Jan 26 · 2 min read

Back in August 2018, we announced a 40 ETH contest for hackers and developers. You can get more information on our official website.

Anyone who completes the requirements can get 30 ETH reward from the listed ADAMANT wallets. In order to get the rest 10 ETH, a participant has to send a completed task to the project’s development team.

Terms and conditions

All participants had access to all the necessary information about ADAMANT. That is to say, the source code is public and the repositories are available on Github. Moreover, we regularly post useful manuals on how to launch a node, register a delegate and integrate an Ethereum node. Notably, all the necessary information on the project is available in English.

Consequently, anyone can launch their own node and look up the project’s code. Furthermore, users can research the way ADAMANT’s blockchain interacts with other decentralized systems. Importantly, our development team is always ready to help users solve technical matters and answer their questions.

What’s the score?

At the end of 2018, we decided to give the participants more time and extended the deadline to January 20, 2019. Nevertheless, nobody managed to get a reward. Moreover, our development team did not receive any solutions for additional tasks.

Now that the day has come, we ended the contest and withdrew ETH from current wallets. Additionally, we published two passphrases to these wallets. You are free to sign in and make sure that the reward money has been waiting for the winner until the end of the contest.

U15116875009834990076: grace bubble wave please behind blast struggle flight dismiss example satoshi stadium

U3818586593002277729: market change benefit primary tent unusual tooth inform gap uncle width believe

Now that privacy won the competition, we submit that ADAMANT has proved to be the most secure messenger existing with the aid of blockchain enthusiasts.

In conclusion, we plan to run such competitions in order to encourage the crypto community to explore ADAMANT and try finding the system’s flaws.


Relax. You are safe now.

Elena Andreeva

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Relax. You are safe now.

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