ADAMANT is asking for your support

We run out of money.

We’ve been working on this project for two years, and our experience has shown that decentralized messenger is a real thing:

  • World’s first blockchain storing your messages securely is up and running
  • 57,000 accounts created and 200,000 transactions made
  • New Fair DPoS consensus has shown its efficiency
  • Blockchain exceeds traditional messengers in security and privacy
  • The messenger has iOS, Android and web versions
  • Blockchain messenger has wide application — see ADAMANT two-factor authentication (2FA) method
  • Cryptocurrency transfers available in chats

We didn’t waste these two years. But all this work wasn’t enough, and now we have no money to continue the project.

25 team members worked in the ADAMANT team (apart from freelancers), and 15 of them were developers. Look at our GitHub, lots of code there!

If you guess that decentralization is a right way for messaging, please support us.

Make donations

  • Bitcoin: 1NJKJDUhPVYTLWhE7DXm6a3g7PqhsacaMz
  • Bitcoin Cash: qqzyy88lxqhf6cnc722wzfyfwhnzu8qtdqgr07grg2
  • Ethereum: 0x5f66C2FbA4dd54758b7243d3e181100aA4154ae8
  • ADAMANT: U1973842998847463129

Buy tokens

Buy ADM tokens on our website with BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, DASH or LSK.

Contribute your own

Maybe you can publish an article about ADAMANT in some respected media? Or help ADM to get listed on a large cryptocurrency exchange? We’d appreciate any assistance you could offer.

ADAMANT Foundation

We’re also planning to establish the ADAMANT Foundation which will raise funds and organize and sponsor the development of ADAMANT Messenger.

ADAMANT Foundation is an alternative way to continue the development. If we’ll not receive donations, external developers will do the work. ADAMANT Foundation will create tasks and pay rewards to freelancers for their accomplishments.

We have agreements with some of investors to transfer ADM tokens to ADAMANT Foundation.

And if that doesn’t work?

No big deal. We’d just postpone our work until the next rising of the crypto world. Maybe some big IT company would be able to use our experience to make their own decentralized messenger.

The best is yet to come.