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ADAMANT or Tor? I’ll take both!

ADAMANT is anonymity and privacy and it is no idle boast. In order to grasp the main idea of the project’s concept, we recommend the following articles:

We strive to create a more secure and private future for everyone and we are working hard on our main goal — complete anonymity. Thus, we present you the ADAMANT web application for Tor.

Know your onions

Tor (The Onion Router) is open-source software that allows enabling anonymous communication and connection. This browser directs traffic in a way that conceals locations and protects personal data. Internet traffic is distributed between thousands of relays and it runs through a free, worldwide overlay network. Thus, Tor is able to maintain the confidentiality of personal and commercial data and provides users with necessary secrecy. Back in 2011, the Tor Project received the Free Software Foundation’s Award. Moreover, they were also granted an annual prize from the EEF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) in 2012.

Indeed, Tor is an all-purpose project. Some individuals use it to provide themselves with the right of personal privacy. Moreover, these people can get access to all kinds of data, which is often censored by the authorities all around the Internet. Social workers need Tor to maintain contact with violence survivors, political refugees and people with physical or mental disabilities. Journalists use this browser to communicate with informers and dissidents. Furthermore, there is yet another reason why Tor is crucial nowadays. Thanks to Tor, special-service agents can work on their missions safely.

To that end, Tor provides users with high-grade security. Moreover, if Tor is combined with other safety facilities, it can protect you from spyware such as PRISM.

Safety first!

Modern popular messengers, including Telegram and Signal, are set up with P2P (peer-to-peer connection) and use centralized networks to store data. Their servers have it all: your personal information, messages and their (usually encrypted) content, geolocations and contact lists. Furthermore, P2P can easily compromise your IP-address. Additionally, most applications and websites require either your phone number or email, so that your identity is an open book and can be exploited by telecommunication companies, providers or other services. The following articles can help you look more into the matter:

Then again, there is ADAMANT that does not require any personal information such as phone numbers, emails, and names. Your ADAMANT account is not connected with your identity directly and does not need geolocations and contact lists. Moreover, neither your friends nor third parties can get your IP-address. It is safely stored in the decentralized network, which infrastructure is carried out by nodes.

Indeed, it sounds like ADAMANT alone is quite enough to maintain the desired level of privacy and there is no need in additional safety facilities such as Tor. However, let’s not forget a Swahili proverb, which states that unity is strength and division is weakness. To that end, ADAMANT and Tor can do more good together rather than separately.

Let’s look more into the matter. The “standard” WebApp sends and receives messages with the aid of ADAMANT nodes.

This means that nodes are aware of your IP-address, as it stays there forever. Then again, you have every right to doubt these nodes and set one on your own for a safer connection. However, in order to do that, you will have to launch your own WebApp and employ your node in the app’s system. To be honest, this whole procedure can be a tough nut to crack. Nonetheless, not only blockchain enthusiasts and IT-specialists have a right to keep their lives private, but also average users that do not have time or knowledge to deal with the setup. We believe that everyone deserves to stay anonymous online.

To that end, Tor can be of great help. Indeed, Tor directs Internet traffic through its nodes and does not let it out into the external network. Simply put, such traffic management protects your actual IP-address and all kinds of data from interception.

Certainly, your provider will recognize that you attempt to go to the address. However, it will not be able to obtain your wallet’s unique address or other information. The only thing that your provider can find out is a mere fact of connection to the ADAMANT services. Yet, it is possible to deprive your provider of this knowledge, too — thanks to the Tor version of ADAMANT.

Have a look at the following table that presents the Tor version’s advantages over the “standard” one:

How to get started?

You might have noticed that Tor websites have a different domain (.onion), which is not accessible in regular browsers.

There are many ways to get access to Tor websites. However, the easiest one is to install Tor on your device:

  1. Download Tor (available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android)
  2. Open Tor Browser and follow the http://adamant6457join2rxdkr2y7iqatar7n4n72lordxeknj435i4cjhpyd.onion link
  3. You are all set! Enjoy!

In order to enable user pics and QR images, you will have to allow app to use your HTML5 canvas image data: website mirror for Tor’s website mirror — http://adamantim24okpwfr4wxjgsh6vtw4odoiabhsfaqaktnfqzrjrspjuid.onion

ADAMANT provides Tor site for Blockchain Explorer as well: http://srovpmanmrbmbqe63vp5nycsa3j3g6be3bz46ksmo35u5pw7jjtjamid.onion

In conclusion, we recommend that you surf the Internet wisely and always be on your guard. After all, technologies help those who help themselves.




Decentralized and anonymous blockchain messenger. Independent of any governments, corporations, and developers. Distributed network infrastructure with open-source code.

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