ADAMANT Project is more ambitious than you thought.

The ADAMANT Project team have already developed a Messenger that includes basic functionalities for instant private-messaging and ADAMANT (ADM) token transfers.

In order to extend the use of the ADAMANT platform, the developers are now turning their attention to the highly-desirable use-cases of a combined token system that allows for multi-token transfers and a greater variety of integrated payment options.

ADAMANT plans to allow transfering major cryptos in-chats

The ambitious goal to create a built-in, multi-token transfer system within the messenger is the key focus for the ADAMANT development team at this point in time, with plans to stretch the use far beyond the ADM token. The goal is to allow cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lisk to be transferred within private chats. If the ADAMANT team succeeds, these tokens will soon be able to be sent and received within the private messaging platform, signalling a breakthrough in private-messaging services.

In order to add increased value to the ADAMANT platform, developers are also focusing on the use of their token (ADM) within the ADAMANT ecosystem. The ADM token’s features are described below:

  • ADM token can be used as a transfer fee for messaging & payments to maintain the whole network infrastructure;
  • ADM token has a 5-second block time; this means fast transaction speeds;
  • Is available on chat screens and is easily accessible for making direct payments;
  • It is a full independent token and is built as a self-sufficient system.

By incorporating major cryptocurrencies into the token transfer ecosystem, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Lisk communities members will be attracted to use the ADAMANT Messenger platform to send and receive tokens of their choice more easily via private chats. This will, in-turn, likely generate higher fees and greater demand for the ADM token.

Privacy Matters.

ADAMANT is a secure blockchain platform for data and message transfers built on-top of a Lisk codebase. ADAMANT takes data privacy very seriously. The blockchain provides anonymity that does not allow the chat history of a user to be traced.

Social networking users post extravagant amounts of personal information everyday, ignoring the fact that their data is sent and stored amongst third party centralized servers operated by large conglomerates and companies that are able to profit greatly from the use of their data. The belief that your information is safe amongst third party servers is delusional at best, relentless cyber-attacks prove that even the largest, most-secure companies are unable to prevent data from being stolen. Companies are able to freely disclose data to other businesses and governments. The complications of centralized and third party servers is indefinite. Complete solutions to privacy are a necessity for any society seeking to regain control of their privacy and data.

The only requirement to use the ADAMANT Messenger is a private key that can be created within a click ( The barrier for entry is lower than all other current available social networks.

You do not have to provide your first or last name, email address, phone number, or any device information to use the blockchain system. With open-source code, any user is allowed to publicly view the authenticity of the system in-which they’re using. Users can audit the code independently and even build and create fully functional systems on their own.

Here are a few important features of the ADAMANT Messenger:

  • No access to the user’s address book;
  • All chat history is stored in the Blockchain;
  • No access to the user’s location information;
  • No user identifications — complete anonymity of use;
  • Messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and then decrypted on the recipients side.
  • The client app never transfers a user’s Private Key or mnemonic phrase (your password) over the network. All work is done locally on the user’s device; therefore no Private Data is transferred;
  • Message history is never stored on a machine and is directly loaded from the Blockchain;
  • Unlike P2P-Messengers, it is impossible to obtain the user’s IP-address;
  • ADAMANT Code and Blockchain is Open-Source;
  • ADAMANT accounts cannot be closed, blocked or limited by anyone, including the developers.

ADAMANT proves that blockchain messengers have their advantages. Openness, strong protection for messages, distribution, and reliable infrastructure.

As the world advances, new technologies such as ADAMANT make it more convenient for everyday users and businesses to interact and communicate with each other, without the interruption and regulation of third parties. ADAMANT aims to solve the problems of privacy and provide truly anonymous freedom of messaging.