ADAMANT Messenger Security Features

ADAMANT Messenger
Aug 21, 2018 · 2 min read

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ADAMANT is a unique product — it’s the only Private Messenger operating entirely on a Blockchain. Apps:

The Blockchain can solve security flaws, typical for P2P and centralized messengers, and offer superior privacy and security.

In short, here are the highlights in terms of Privacy and Security:

  • Targeting Secure & Private Communications
  • Completely Open-Source
  • Every message is a Blockchain transaction, encrypted and signed with: Ed25519 EdDSA, Curve25519, Salsa20, Poly1305
  • Blockchain is a redundant and reliable storage for message history
  • An inability for backdated or intercepted message change
  • Reliable and Blockchain-powered (confirmed and signed) message delivery
  • Message history is never stored on a machine and is directly loaded from the Blockchain
  • Access to user’s message history from any device — similar to a centralized storage system
  • Independent decentralised architecture — No authority
  • Unstoppable and uncensored service: ADAMANT Messenger infrastructure (Blockchain nodes) belongs to its users and are run by users
  • Developers have no possibility to deactivate, stop or pause the ADAMANT Messenger
  • Certified authenticity for message sender and its recipient, MITM-attack protection (this type of attack will be detected, because the sender identificator will be changed)
  • Messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and then decrypted on the recipients side. The client app never transfers a user’s Private Key or mnemonic passphrase (password) over the network. All work is done locally on the user’s device.
  • No access to the user’s address book, location information or other user’s data — Pure messaging
  • No user identifications — enjoy complete anonymity in use
  • Create accounts in seconds — Simply change both UID and encryption keys
  • No phone numbers to “restore access” to user’s account (intercepting SMS is a general way to get access to any user’s account)
  • Unlike P2P-Messengers, it’s impossible to obtain a user’s IP-address. All communications go through Blockchain nodes, similar to a TOR network.
  • ADAMANT accounts cannot be closed, blocked or limited by anyone, including the developers
  • Developers do not control any actions on the part of users.
  • Comparison table against similar messengers available on the ADAMANT website

We also recommend the article: Why Storing Your Messaging Data in Blockchain Might Be a Good Idea.

ADAMANT — The Most Secure & Anonymous Messenger Possible. The Future of messaging is already here.

Relax. You are safe now.

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