ADAMANT web app 2.0

ADAMANT web app users are getting good changes: version 2.0 will be released soon. This is the result of daily work of five developers that has been going on since November 2018. The app will not only get additional features, but will be drastically revised.

The complete source code has been refactored in PWA 2.0. The internal structure is changed, and you will notice that in the interface and the app responsiveness. The main innovation is the transition to the Vuetify framework which gave developers new opportunities.


The avatars is what you’ll notice in the first place. In ADAMANT these are abstract generated images that are unique for each address. In iOS and Android apps they have been around for several months, and now they are in PWA. Of course, an avatar for an address is the same in all ADAMANT apps.

The chats interface haven’t received much changes unlike Settings section — you can now set a dark theme and enable push notifications; the options are reordered as well.

You can try the new version right now:

The design is still in progress and will be updated soon

The first tab received the most changes. Now it’s called ‘Account’ instead of ‘Wallet’, and the interface for operations with cryptocurrencies was remade to be more convenient.

Speed 2.0

The messenger is really responsive now. Vuetify and architectural changes have accelerated transitions between tabs. We’ve also added the animation for loading data from blockchain and its decryption.

The transition to this framework is a part of a complex work for speeding up the messenger.


The refactored code supports Electron so we’ll release ADAMANT Messenger for Windows, Mac and Linux soon. This version will mostly be based on the PWA. Actually you can do it yourself now if you’re up for it.

Dash support

ADAMANT will support storing and transferring of Dash cryptocurrency.

In accordance with our principles, only user will own private keys and accessing them will be made local — the private keys are never sent to the network. This applies to all wallets in all ADAMANT apps.


We’re eager to receive some feedback and welcome new developers — the repository is open.