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Building the ADAMANT Foundation

Decentralized messenger ADAMANT has been developing for 3 years. To get started, we created ADAMANT TECH LABS. Today we are moving to a new stage in the project’s life — to the ADAMANT Foundation.

The ADAMANT Foundation is a non-profit, decentralized organization that oversees the development of ADAMANT. Its primary task is to unite the community of enthusiasts and make the messenger as independent as Bitcoin.

Moving to the ADAMANT Foundation will take time. We are working to make major decisions by voting. Every ADM owner will be able to vote.

We transferred the reserve wallets’ tokens to the ADAMANT Foundation:

The creators of ADAMANT have donated to the Foundation 1,000,000 ADM. You also support the messenger — make a transfer to the Donates wallet. You can transfer BTC, ETH, DASH, and other coins in-chat with this wallet.

We invite developers, managers, regional representatives, and everyone who wants to take part in the project.

Decentralized messenger — decentralized management.



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