DASH is dashing up ADAMANT

Last month we told our users that we were working on a new version of the Web App. Among other features, this update presents DASH support.

DASH cryptocurrency is now available in ADAMANT

DASH cryptocurrency is now available in ADAMANT. Storing and sending ETH, BZ, BNB and DOGE works the same for DASH. ADAMANT provides top-notch security for your tokens. Indeed, users alone have access to their wallets and no third parties can overtake them. An access key is not transferred over the network, so that a wallet holder has a total control over their account. Moreover, transactions are sent to a secure DASH network node. We have described the similar process earlier and you may be interested in reading this article to get a full understanding.

You can send DASH via chat directly

DASH is one of the top cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap. It was created as a more secure and anonymous alternative to Bitcoin. Consequently, the DASH team launched their token in 2014 and since then, its total capital has reached $1B. What’s more, 570 transactions are registered in the DASH blockchain system every hour.

If you are one of the DASH holders, then ADAMANT Messenger will be a convenient and reliable tool to store and transfer these tokens. You can always check on your transaction history, as well as your current balance. Additionally, you will have your own DASH wallet, too. Sending DASH is no different from sending other integrated cryptocurrencies — you can do it via chat directly.

PWA ADAMANT test version is available now. See for yourself!