HODL: List of ADAMANT Pools — Join in and get rewards!

Update: 2021, Apr 1

Olga Drabenya
Nov 2, 2019 · 3 min read

ADAMANT’s distributed network of Fair dPoS consensus is supported by delegates. Running a personal node and creating a delegate not only makes the network stronger but also gives profit—each delegate gets rewards in ADM tokens.

Creating a delegate and getting on the top 101 list is costly, and pools help to unite ADM owners at moderate expenses. To that end, the pool’s rewards are shared between its voters. To join the party, you can either:

Hereby, we’ve collected information about currently available ADAMANT pools. It will be revised regularly.


Every pool has its conditions, basically what percentage of rewards it shares between the voters, and how often it makes payouts. Usually, in order to give such information, the pool provides a link to its statistics panel.

Currently available pools:

Estimate your profit

The more you have in your ADM wallet—the more stake you’ll receive. We’ll give an example.

Let’s say you have 60,000 ADM in your wallet and you vote for a single pool, the adm_official_pool:

As the total votes’ weight of the pool is 433,000 ADM, your contribution is ~ 14%. Each live pool’s monthly rewards are ~ 2,500 ADM (Note: decreasing). The pool distributes 80%, so your monthly income will be 2,500 * 0.80 * 0.14 ~ 280 ADM.

Please note, if the number of tokens will be changed (e. g., you’ll sell some), rewards will be changed too. And when others vote for the same pool, your stake will be varied, too.

Choose wisely

Importantly, ADAMANT Team is responsible for adm_official_pool only. When you choose a pool, you trust its owner. Do your own research, including up-to-date info and statistics, and check payouts using the blockchain explorer. Pool’s conditions may be changed by its owner at any time.

Links to pools’ stats:

Remember, voting costs

Significantly, any voting will cost you 50 ADM, including removing a vote. You can vote or downvote several pools or delegates at once for the same 50 ADM. But remember, according to ADAMANT’s Fair dPoS, if you vote for 2 or more delegates, your vote weight reduces respectively.

Before you vote for a delegate, read more about voting.


Relax. You are safe now.

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