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How to start with a Blockchain Messenger

ADAMANT differs from other messengers. It does not require a phone number or email. ADAMANT doesn’t ask for your contacts, and you’ll create new chats by anonymous addresses. Not clear? — We are here to help.

Open the Messenger on Web, Tor, App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows, macOS, or GNU/Linux.

Create an account

Choose application language.

Click Create new and save the passphrase which allows you to login on any device. Keep it a secret! If lost, nobody can restore it. Paste your passphrase and log in. Username is not needed because the passphrase is unique.

Then get welcoming tokens — click the Free ADM Tokens on the Account tab. Solve captcha.


To log in faster, check Stay logged in and set your password — you can log into your account using this password on this device, but you need a passphrase on other devices. To get notified of new messages, enable Push notifications.


Contact a friend. To do this, you must know the address of his wallet. Share your address so that others may contact you.

Get your address on the Account tab. It looks like U8281862340475070014 and is unique like a passphrase. Click Share. You can copy the address, or a link like—when someone opens it in a browser, they will go to a chat with you immediately after logging in or after creating a new account. You can also show the QR code, it is convenient to scan it using a camera or put it on business cards.

Well, a friend told you his ADAMANT address.

On the Chats tab, click Start a new chat. Paste the address of your partner or scan a QR-code. Set a name for your partner. You can use Emoji in the message: use the keyboard on a smartphone, press Win + “.” on Windows, or Ctrl + Cmd + Space on macOS.

Crypto wallets and crypto transfers

You’ll find crypto wallets in the ADAMANT Messenger.

For example, select Ethereum on the Account tab. Click Share and copy the address — you can top up ETH using any other application, like MyEtherWallet. When the transfer has passed, the app will update the balance and you’ll see the transaction history.

You can transfer cryptocurrencies in your wallet to direct addresses on the Account tab, or partners in chats.

Press “+” in the chat and select Send ETH. Enter the amount and comment. Send it — you’ll see the transfer in the chat, and the partner’s balance will be replenished.


There are bots in ADAMANT. The cryptocurrency exchanger and the betting bot are already in your wallet, and you can find more bots on the Internet.

To use the exchanger, write /help to it. Send the cryptocurrency that you want to exchange, and indicate the cryptocurrency you want to receive in the comment.

Learn more

Our Youtube channel has various videos on how to use the Messenger.

Figured out? ADAMANT is a truly decentralized messenger, private and independent. Unlike typical P2P and centralized messengers, the blockchain system offers superior security and privacy.

Just like ADAMANT? Support with a coin.




Decentralized and anonymous blockchain messenger. Independent of any governments, corporations, and developers. Distributed network infrastructure with open-source code.

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