Ideas and beliefs of ADAMANT

We often talked about our thoughts and beliefs in relation to ADAMANT, as well as the general situation on the market of Internet communication in as a whole.

Based on this, today we have found it useful to collect all the main statements and talk about several main rules and principles of the team, on which each development stage depends.

It may also be important for the better understanding of the direction of ADAMANT’s development, its technical details, features, values and ideas of the team.

First, we should say that we have a large share of respect for anonymity on the Internet, as we believe that lowering its level and moving towards universal identification can lead to catastrophically dangerous consequences for the freedom of people in all senses, concepts and interpretations of the word “freedom”.

Nowadays, under the influence of media and public opinion, products, private data and privacy in general begins to be perceived somewhat differently than before. In the eyes of many people, especially those who often spend time in the social media, personal privacy noticeably loses its value, and if this path continues, potentially, privacy may simply depreciate in such societies.

Despite the influence of external factors, habits, mainstream, laws and other external movements, ADAMANT will always provide a reliable guarantee of privacy, as well as the basic opportunity for everyone to have this privacy.

From our point of view, the possibility of private correspondence must exist anyway. After that, we can start to develop better security systems, functionality, etc. Here the existence and maintenance can be called the first, basic technical task.

Keep in mind that privacy in ADAMANT is provided not only by words, but also by code lines. For example, according to our concepts, private correspondence should be available only to the participants of the correspondence and to no one else — we are performing this task.

All accounts created in the messenger have equal opportunities, equal conditions, function according to one system of using/sending messages, have equal rights.

Recently, state bodies began to actively communicate with growing projects, offering them support, assistance, or their equivalents, on the basis of little cooperation. Turning to history once again, we already know what this leads to. We have a sharply negative attitude towards such and similar actions both from the standpoint of growth and sobriety of projects, and from the point of view of insidious actions on the part of our own states.

ADAMANT will always remain on its line and will not accept any “silent partnerships” in such or similar cases. Observance of independence is the primary task of the external work of our team, as well as the team members, are set up radically in relation to such events.

After a number of initial contributions to the start of IСO and the necessary budget for the first to start advancing in the global network, all resources for the support and development of the messenger came only from the ICO side.

It is also worth saying that the initial contributions were made by today’s team members and people who are close to the project’s ideology, only by the factor of buying tokens.

This means that a project can function independently and autonomously, choose directions and grow without being controlled by any analogue of a holding campaign, a group of people, respectively a state, or one person.

There are no privileged accounts in the messenger network, such as moderators, “+” or VIP versions and similar digital hierarchical concepts. The account can not be blocked, frozen, suspended, and somehow else get influence from the network in the frameworks of normal, non-intrusive operation.

Turning to the history, these are unique characteristics for the network and the messenger system that have not occurred before. Perhaps this happened only due to the blockchain capabilities — in any case, we appreciate it no less than the rest.

Touching on the blockchain topic, we repeatedly became convinced of the need for decentralized data storage. Centralization is always concentrates power over a complete product/network in one place, in the hands of one group of people, in one hands.

By promoting centralized communication products, whatever convictions about privacy and the protection of correspondence you use, a conditional “absolute power ring” is created, which tends to change owners regularly with longer or shorter periods of time, just as it is to change owners. It is dangerous.

Speaking of decentralization, people often forget that these are not only a few physically distant nodes when they are managed solely by the network owners or the company. In this case, more than two servers or data centers that support the same network can also be called decentralized.

ADAMANT is a decentralized messenger. By this concept, we mean not only the physically-organized location of the blockchain in different places, but also the whole part of the levels of its support and the complete distribution of management rights.

As an example, reading the whitepaper of Bitcoin, and based on the time of 2008–2009, we can conclude one of the main motivations of the developer. At this time, due to the group lack of competence of bankers and the most centralized form of decision-making, a financial catastrophe occurred, which affected many lives. After this, the most decentralized technological system known was born, and its ideas need to be supported and appreciated.

ADAMANT existed and will exist without any central body of support — this is a confident position.

We are trying to take objectively better ideas from words about ideas of decentralization, therefore ADAMANT never functioned as a company. The management of the ADAMANT network in this sense is completely analogous to Bitcoin, when the developers only perform technical improvements, and nobody owns the network and the messenger.

Of course, for now, the ADAMANT’s blockchain has a private form of technical management, but this has minimal impact and the threat of changing the way the network works, as long as the messages always remain only with you — it is impossible to change.

In general, we try to maintain and make the network stronger in relation to attempts to attack the interests of users’ privacy.

Each movement in the development of ADAMANT is always aimed at its direct improvement and compliance with the ideas from the proposals presented above.

These proposals contain the main part of the ideology of the team, and the whole approach to the development of the ADAMANT Messenger.

A curious detail is that all words can always be checked on facts, due to the completely open source code of the messenger, and simply from the experience of using it. You can always check the code on Github.

We hope and will do everything to preserve the principles and not to give up our values, despite the price that can be obtained, and despite the price that will have to pay.