Integration notes with ADM token for Exchanges

Elena Andreeva
Dec 19, 2018 · 4 min read

This document describes how to create accounts for deposits, get balances and transactions info, as well as, how to make withdrawals.

ADM is not a ERC20 token.

ADAMANT node is based on Lisk 0.9 code, but with a key difference. ADAMANT has only secure API, and you cannot transfer passphrase to node to make any action with the wallet, like Lisk 0.9 does. Instead, ADAMANT node requires signed transaction to make any action.

Use Adamant-console for interaction with ADAMANT blockchain. is a command-line interface utility that gets commands to make an action and returns results info in JSON.

Adamant-console connects to ADAMANT nodes of your choice (set in configuration file), it can be any node, locally installed on your machine, or from the other side of the Earth. As the Console doesn’t transfer passphrases to nodes, it is safe to connect to any node. Important thing, the node you connect should have .

So, your exchange does not need ADAMANT node installed, however, you still can .

Two ways of interacting with ADAMANT blockchain

You can use command-line interface (CLI) or JSON-RPC of your choice.

To run commands in ADAMANT blockchain, . If you want to work with mainnet, set the value of network parameter to mainnet in config-file.

After Console has been installed, the working process is similar for both methods and looks like this:

  1. Provide passphrase for particular wallet (if needed) and action you want to make (f. e., make a transfer) to Adamant-console
  2. Adamant-console will sign transaction and send it to ADAMANT node. As we said earlier, it is safe. You do not need your own node. Still you can run your own node and set Adamant-console to use it.
  3. ADAMANT blockchain will execute transaction

As Adamant-console should get passphrase for particular wallet to make any action (f. e., make a transfer), so you need to install and run Adamant-console on your server for security reasons. You can provide passphrase to Adamant-console in two ways: as a parameter, or in config-file.

Exchange can use `account new` command to create deposit accounts for their users, but bear in mind, that the token transfer fee is 0.5 ADM. It will be paid by user, but if you then want to accumulate funds in one account, you’ll need 0.5 ADM for each transfer also.

To transfer funds between accounts, for example for withdrawal, `send tokens` command can be used, with auth data (passphrase) of specific account.

To find information about funds transferred to deposit wallets, there is `get address` for checking balance, and `get transactions` for getting list of transactions. should help with setting up monitoring system.

You’ll need some ADM tokens for testing, so please contact us with ADM address (save the passphrase!) to receive them. You can create an ADAMANT account on or using Console.

Command-line interface

Commands can be run .

You can use any programming language to interact with Adamant-console, like PHP, Python, NodeJS, bash. Here is an example of creating new ADAMANT account in PHP:

<?php//If Adamant-console installed globally via NPM$path_to_adamant_console=’adm’;//If Adamant-console installed locally//$path_to_adamant_console=’node index.js’;//Creating new ADAMANT walletexec($path_to_adamant_console.’ account new’, $json_answer);//Processing result$json_answer=implode(‘’, $json_answer);$answer=json_decode($json_answer);if ($answer->success) {echo “\n\nNew ADAMANT wallet “.$answer->account->address.” is created. Its passphrase: “.$answer->account->passPhrase.”\n\n”;}else {echo “\n\nWallet was not created.\n\n”;}


To use JSON-RPC interface, on Adamant-console.

All actions needed for exchanges, including account, get and send commands, are available.

ADM token information

Token name: ADAMANT Messenger (ADAMANT in capitals, it is a brand name).

Token ticker: ADM

Token type: Utility token

Token logo: ; ; ; ; ;

Project short description: The most secure and anonymous messenger, encrypted with Blockchain

Project website:

Blockchain Explorer:

Source code (Github):




Jurisdiction: Ireland


More information

See .

Relax. You are safe now.

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Relax. You are safe now.