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List of Useful Bots in ADAMANT

ADAMANT is not only a messenger but also a multifunctional platform. There are games, sweepstakes and even a resource center here. This is possible thanks to bots: we’ve developed soft for them this July. Some bots are launched by the ADAMANT team and open-source, the others — by independent developers.

In this article, we present you a list of the most interesting bots which are available in ADAMANT Messenger. To begin a conversation with any of them, copy the address (for example U16009208918899676597) and start a new chat (Chats => Start a new chat). Then, send any message via chat, and you’ll get further information from a bot.

Discover, use and have fun!

Info bot

Address: U16009208918899676597

Developer: Vovan’s Team

Functions: Sends the list of active bots and useful links; provides information about forging pools.


Pools This bot sends you the list of pools containing some background information: a link in Explorer, a payout period and the amount of ADM the pool can distribute.

Links The bot sends you a set of links to ADAMANT’s key resources

Bitcoin price bet bot

Address: U17840858470710371662


Functions: Accepts bets on BTC rate and pays a reward to the winners. To learn the full terms, write to this bot in ADAMANT!


/help Discover the bot’s possibilities.

Heads or Tails bot

Address: U564927595221219641

Developer: Vovan’s Team

Functions: Heads and Tales bot can play this popular game with you. Send ADM and a note 0 (Heads) or 1 (Tales) via comment. Then the bot “tosses a coin” and gives you the result. If you win, the bot will send your bet amount x 1.8.

Write something to this bot to get more information. Try your luck!

Orel i Reshka

Address: U8916295525136600565

Developer: Vovan’s Team

Functions: Heads or Tails in Russian. The rules are absolutely the same.


Address: U13524411455927458124

Developer: Vovan’s Team

Functions: This bot can play the popular card game “Black Jack” with you. ADM is accepted as a rate. To start the game, you will need to send the bot a minimum deposit of 3 ADM. The gameplay is made in the form of chat messages and you can bet against the bot, too.


/help get full terms. Please read them before starting, there is some important information on gameplay and timeouts.

If you want to take another card during the game, you will need to answer — y, if you do not need more cards then you will need to answer — n.

Any other characters or words will fall into the general game chat. Game messages from the bot are also broadcasted in the game chat. Good luck!

Exchange Bot

Address: U5149447931090026688


Functions: This bot exchanges cryptocurrency; currently, two pairs are available: ADM/ETH and ETH/ADM. To make an exchange, send crypto in-Chat and comment with a crypto ticker you want to get back. The list of coins will be completed soon!


/help Discover the bot’s possibilities.

Crypto alarm bot

Address: U1058290473014173876

Developer: Vovan’s Team

Functions: This bot provides market exchange rates and notifies you if a specific cryptocurrency reaches its target level. For the first test period, only Bitfinex and Bit-Z are supported. Available pairs are ADM/USD on Bitfinex and BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/BTC on Bit-Z.


exchange pair the bot provides you with the last market exchange rates for a specific pair. For example, bitz adm_usdt: the bot will send you ADM rate in USDT on Bit-Z exchanger.

exchange pair condition price the bot sets up a new alarm for a specific pair. For example, bitz adm_usdt>0.1: if ADM gets $0.1 rate, the bot will send a notification to you.

Bounty bot

Address: U1644771796259136854


Functions: It gives rewards for social activity automatically and instantly after completing bounty tasks.


/help get full terms of the bounty campaign.

Join us and develop your own bot! If you want to get an announcement, you are welcome to write to us.

You can ask your questions or discuss this article in our social media.




Decentralized and anonymous blockchain messenger. Independent of any governments, corporations, and developers. Distributed network infrastructure with open-source code.

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