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Messenger + wallet = ADAMANT

Some people think that a messaging app and a crypto wallet combined can provide users with many opportunities and benefits. However, many bitcoin enthusiasts are skeptical of this opinion, as all the popular messengers require phone numbers, geotags, emails and contact lists. Indeed, many of these apps lack security measures. To that end, cryptocurrency holders prefer to remain anonymous and sadly, popular messengers do not meet their needs.

Nonetheless, there is an option that can surprise both sides. This is ADAMANT — a unique messaging app built on the blockchain system. Its top priorities are privacy, anonymity and data safety. Finally, ADAMANT provides its users with secure crypto wallets.

Privacy is a recipe for success

Indeed, ADAMANT secures not only chats but also crypto wallets. The app has many advantages and progressive characteristics such as a quick account setup and a widely distributed node system. Moreover, the app hides your IP and provides chats with E2E (end-to-end encryption). Furthermore, users get their unique passphrases suitable for all the internal wallets. Additionally, there are other important reasons to use this messaging app:

  • ADAMANT does not require personal data, geotags and contact list
  • The account is not tied to a SIM-card or IMEI
  • ADAMANT does not record your voice
  • No third parties can get access to chats and wallets
  • All the transactions are signed locally

Consequently, there is no connection between a real person and their account. Indeed, no one has managed to hack or contaminate an ADAMANT account yet, even though there was such opportunity in a security contest.

If you want to learn more about the app’s safety methods, check out this article.

ADAMANT is comfy and friendly

The latest version employs seven different cryptocurrencies: ADM, Binance Coin, KuCoin Shares, Bit-Z, Ethereum, Dogecoin and DASH. There is a wallet address for each of the tokens.

What’s more, you do not have to set up nodes, install additional apps or be a blockchain specialist. ADAMANT suites everyone, no matter how advanced their blockchain knowledge is. It takes literally a second to create a new account with all the internal wallets and all you have to do is storing your passphrase in a secure file.

All seven wallets are in the “Account” section. You can make transactions to your friends or other recipients and buy tokens any time.

Do not forget to share your ADAMANT address with your friends, so that they can send messages and coins to you. Finally, you can get welcoming ADM tokens by pushing the “Free ADM tokens” button.

In order to add funds to your wallet, you will have to choose a desired currency and copy your ADAMANT address. You can use it to receive coins from crypto exchanges or other wallets.

If you want to send tokens to an exchange or a wallet, use the “Send funds” function.

All seven cryptocurrencies can be sent via chat directly, so that you will not mix up the addresses. This option allows leaving a message for a recipient too.

Push the “Start new chat” button and enter your friend’s ADAMANT address to start chatting.

Click on the “+” button in the lower left corner to make transactions. You will see a list of available currencies.

If you need to check your payment history, go to the “Account” section and choose the desired cryptocurrency. After that, hit the “Balance” button.



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