Multiple anonymous crypto exchanges on ADAMANT platform

Olga Drabenya
Jun 8, 2019 · 2 min read

ADAMANT is a unique platform that includes a private messenger and a crypto wallet. We are doing our best to develop the app further and so, our current goal is to create anonymous crypto exchanges.


Firstly, we will launch a chatbot that trades cryptocurrencies instantly. Here are a few reasons why the ADAMANT bot exchanges are going to be great:

  • Convenient. You can convert currencies via chat directly. The chatbot will always be on the friends’ list so that you can send any cryptocurrency and receive the desired one any time.
  • Anonymous. Creating a new ADAMANT account and all the internal wallets takes a fraction of a second. What’s more, no personal data is needed. Additionally, your chats are encrypted.
  • Solid. All the crypto wallets are integrated into your ADAMANT account. You do not have to state which wallet for exchanging you need. Indeed, this prevents any possible mistakes or system errors.
  • Quick. An exchange procedure completes right after the blockchain system verifies your transaction.
  • Exchanges are fully automatic.
  • No third parties can get access to your wallets in ADAMANT Messenger.
  • A bot is open-source software. Everyone can launch their own exchange and set a fee, daily limits, and trading pairs.
  • The bot can give you information on current cryptocurrency rate.

The main goal of such bots is a distributed system of anonymous exchanges. You can be an exchange holder and make a profit out of fees, or you can become an exchange user and enjoy its convenience and service. Exchanges will also attract other crypto projects. Various tokens can be stored and transferred in chat rooms, as well as anonymously buy and sell.

Our development team has already done the bot’s software design and started to work on programming. To that end, you can follow their progress on Github.

As soon as we finish this step, we will concentrate on a fully featured exchange. This means a direct exchange between ADAMANT users and an opportunity to display purchase orders.

Relax. You are safe now.

Olga Drabenya

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Relax. You are safe now.