New API for ADAMANT Node — an improvement you won’t want to miss

ADAMANT is ready to update the Node: the new API for chats is coming. The update will improve performance and increase the messenger’s speed. Updating the node is a part of improvements described earlier.

From concept to convenience

Increasing the speed is one of the most important issues and its solution will help ADAMANT Messenger to get rid of one of its shortcomings: message delivery delay. Currently the 2–7 seconds delay is caused by technical issues, but we are going towards progressive solutions in this matter.

We have already developed a concept described in detail in the “Chat at the top speed” article. The concept has passed the tests and now we are moving towards its implementation. It is important not only to reduce the message delivery time, but also to increase the speed of the ecosystem as a whole for a better user convenience.

What will the new API change?

All ADAMANT Messenger users will notice the following changes:

  • Decreased message delivery time;
  • Faster chats navigation;
  • Decreased chats list loading time;
  • Decreased loading time after login (less than a second).


Currently the updated API is being tested. The node update 0.5.0 will be released in two weeks.

However, to get the expected benefits, it is not enough to update just the node; the app needs to be updated too. We will update them step-by-step during the first quarter of 2019.