Elena Andreeva
Aug 12 · 3 min read

Our anonymous blockchain project has been on the market for two years and three months. Since 2017 we realized that ADAMANT is something more than a mere messenger. It is a powerful platform. ADAMANT does not only send messages but also transfers and exchanges cryptocurrencies, accepts bets, provides users with 2FA and blockchain approved notifications. On top of all that, every step you take with ADAMANT is fully anonymous and private, and its source code is always waiting for you to test it.

ADAMANT is unique as it is:

Fresh outlook — better tomorrow

Have a look at the decentralized apps statistics. Incredible as it may seem, one of the most popular apps has a total daily reach of 559 users! However, the decentralized messaging app ADAMANT strives to beat this score. In order to do that, we worked out a strategy for the third quarter of 2019. Our team plans to:

  1. launch WebApp 2.0 with various crucial improvements,
  2. add Bitcoin support to WebApp and iOS version of ADAMANT,
  3. employ new API in the chat’s system to decrease the load-time,
  4. employ sockets in the nodes’ connection, which will speed up messaging,
  5. release ADAMANT for Android devices and display it on Google Play,
  6. write a set of API docs for nodes,
  7. take bots’ development to the next level,
  8. improve the messenger’s feature set, which will allow citing, replying and archiving.

Stand with us and support!

Indeed, we have been working hard ever since we launched ADAMANT. However, running a project with such capacity is not a piece of cake and frankly speaking, we sometimes came down on the wrong side of the hedge. We rescheduled listing and lost some of our money during the so-called “crypto winter”, put off work on new functions and features. True, we did all that to enter the crypto exchanges with sound liquidity and at that time we needed to make certain sacrifices. Still, we sincerely believe in our idea and keep up with the world, gaining experience and skills on the way to a better future. We are quite optimistic about our project and we are ready to work our heads off! However, we could never be where we are now without you, and our team needs you like never before.

  • Download ADAMANT and try it yourself! You will not find a safer messenger and it is no idle boast.
  • Tell your friends about ADAMANT via social media: share our blog posts, tweets and announcements.
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies via ADAMANT.
  • Make bets on Bitcoin’s course.
  • Vote for ADAMANT on crypto exchanges like Coindeal.
  • Set up your own node in the decentralized system of our app.
  • Vote for pools and delegates or set up a pool on your own and join our Slack channel!
  • You run your own project or crypto exchange? We are eager to cooperate with you!
  • If you are a developer, you can always launch a bot or any other service and take part in the further messenger’s development.
  • You are a blogger or an editor? We will be mostly grateful if you tell your audience about ADAMANT.
  • Employ ADAMANT 2FA in your service’s system.
  • Aid us financially.


Relax. You are safe now.

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