Opening ADM/USDT trading pair on Bit-Z

ADM is a utility token supporting decentralized ADAMANT Messenger infrastructure. Due to ADM token, ADAMANT is independent from governments, corporations and even developers.

As a result of the cooperation between ADAMANT and the Bit-Z exchange, you can buy and sell ADM tokens as well as transfer ADM and BZ in ADAMANT Messenger chats.

Those who want to buy ADM anonymously, can still do this in the relevant webpage on the official project website.

ADAMANT is a blockchain platform for secure messaging. ADAMANT Messenger uses the Fair dPoS consensus algorithm; the app does not require a phone number or email for signup and allows you to send cryptocurrencies in chats. ADAMANT Messenger is available on iOS and Android, as well as via browser.

Bit-Z is one of the leading digital asset trading platforms. At the time of this writing, Bit-Z ranks 2nd in the daily trading volume.

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Bit-Z trading pair: ADM / USDT.